for Surrogate mothers

The most important thing for the future surrogate mother — the understanding that this is a very difficult job, to cope with which not everyone can. Therefore, before you decide to take this step, you need to carefully assess your strength – not only physical but also moral. We will help You every step of the way and pass it along to You!


Requirements for surrogate mothers

A surrogate mother can be a woman:
- at the age of 20 years (in case of participation in the foreign program, the upper age limit is limited only by the state of health);
- have at least one healthy child of their own;
-received a medical report on a satisfactory state of health.
    A married woman can be a surrogate mother only with the written consent of her husband.
  A surrogate mother cannot be an egg donor at the same time.


Payment for services

The remuneration of surrogate mothers is individual and depends on many factors. On average, the postnatal premium varies from 700 000 to 1000 000 rubles. In addition, surrogate mothers can count on monthly maintenance, purchase of clothes for pregnant women and vitamin complexes, other payments under the agreement with the genetic parents of the child.
  A surrogate mother cannot be an egg donor at the same time.

Application form for a surrogate mother

If You want to become a surrogate mother and use the services of our center, please fill out this form. We have quite a large questionnaire, but it was created in order to take into account Your wishes and choose the best program for You. Please try as much as possible openly to answer all the questions in the questionnaire.

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