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  Surrogacy is not a new phenomenon, as many people think. References to traditional surrogacy are found in many ancient sources and documents, including Sumerian, ancient Egyptian and biblical. For many years, the direction of surrogate motherhood developed and transformed from the traditional course (implies a genetic relationship between the surrogate mother and the unborn child) to gestational (there is no genetic relationship between the surrogate mother and the unborn child). And this is not surprising, because cases of infertility in men and women occur more often, and to continue their race, to give their care and affection to a little man - it is a natural desire inherent in almost all people. Our company exists to help You realize your dreams - to have your own children.

 Using the services of a surrogate mother is a real opportunity for people who for one reason or another can not have children. This will ensure the genetic relationship between You and Your baby. The child will be like You, it will be yours.



For your convenience, we have abandoned the standard programs and work with each client individually. Our customers can choose the services that they need, and nothing more!

Where should we start future parents who decide to use the services of surrogacy? First of all, it is necessary to determine the clinic in which the IVF procedure and all related procedures will take place, to consult a doctor and get a list of tests for a future surrogate mother. In addition, you need to find a suitable candidate for a surrogate mother, conclude a competent and fully protected contract with her, conduct all necessary examinations and make sure that she will suit You in physical and psychological indicators, determine where and how she will live for the period of the program, who and how will control her lifestyle, where she will undergo the necessary procedures and examinations during pregnancy, where she will give birth and how to issue all documents after birth. All this You can do yourself and hope that everything will go well, and you can trust the professionals. We provide a full range of quality services related to surrogacy. We have abandoned the standard programs, because each case is individual and requires a special approach, and our managers are always free To advise you and Orient on all issues of interest.

     Prices for the most popular services:

- provision of a surrogate mother ready for the program with a set of examinations for your chosen medical institution + full legal support + maintenance of a surrogate mother before the analysis for HCG : from 160 000 to 190 000 rubles (depending on the volume of examinations);

- services of a lawyer specializing in the issue of surrogacy, including the preparation of the contract on Your individual conditions, assistance in obtaining a birth certificate of the baby, in which You will be listed as the parents of the child, as well as other necessary documents: from 10 000 to 30 000 rubles (depending on the amount of required documents).

        We also provide services for monitoring the lifestyle of a surrogate mother at all stages of the program, both in the format of regular visits using tests for bad habits, and in the format of permanent cohabitation with the curator; services of professional psychologists and psychiatrists who will monitor the emotional state of the surrogate mother; driver and accompanying surrogate mother for all necessary examinations. Prices for these services are calculated individually and depend on many factors. For more specific information, please contact our managers and they will answer all your questions.

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