Surrogacy is one of the ways to overcome the problem of infertility. And sometimes it is the only way out of this situation. However, of all the techniques that are designed to help people in the implementation of reproductive functions, it is surrogacy that is subjected to the most severe criticism and attitude to it in society is very ambiguous.

                           What is surrogacy?

   Surrogacy – this is the situation in which the third – not superfluous. In this way of overcoming infertility involved three, namely:
 - a woman who gives her egg; she will be considered the biological mother of the baby;
 - the man who gives sperm – the biological father of the child;
 - a surrogate mother who carries the baby, give birth to him and give biological parents.

   Fertilization takes place in the laboratory by IVF or IVF+ICSI. Provided that the biological material of the parents is suitable for fertilization, the oocytes are taken from the woman after preliminary stimulation by puncture. Male losing semen very traditional method of Masturbation. The egg fertilized in the Petri dish is cultivated for several days and monitored by experienced embryologists. On 2-5 days, the transfer of developing embryos into the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother is performed. It is she who, in case of successful implantation, will have to bear and give birth to a baby.

All relationships expectant moms, dads and women, vinosense their baby, subject to special agreement.


    Fertilization of the woman's germ cells (eggs) outside her body, followed by the transfer of embryos into the woman's uterus.
   In vitro fertilization is not carried out when there are contraindications to gestation, in the presence of uterine malformations, splices or partitions in the uterine cavity, uterine fibroids of large size or the growth of myomatous nodes in the uterine cavity, with untreatable violations of the patency of the cervical canal, at the time of acute or exacerbation of chronic infectious or inflammatory diseases.

IVF with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF+ICSI):

 Introduction of sperm into the egg using micromanipulation technique. ICSI is carried out with a low number of sperm in the sperm, a large number of morphologically abnormal sperm, their functional inferiority, as well as in violation of the interaction of sperm and egg.

                       Features of pregnancy.

    To engage in the health of a surrogate mother should start long before You get the long-awaited positive result of the test for HCG. A simple check of health and treatment of various infections, which the candidates, unfortunately, lack, do not work. Require regular check-UPS from qualified professionals, constant control over her behavior that she drank or ate something wrong before planting, and only during the period of gestation of the pregnancy diet will be vital.

    In preparation for the transfer of the embryo surrogate mother must be in the city where the embryo will be transplanted, under constant supervision – offers to come a day or two before the transfer categorically reject. At this time, the surrogate mother should be surrounded by care and attention, a positive psychological attitude at least in the days preceding the transfer of the embryo and in the first three days after the transfer is very important for the onset of pregnancy, as well as for its carrying. Our specialists will be able to take care of all these details.

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